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Amanda Rachel Jones


Amanda Rachel Jones is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker with experience working with clients across the lifespan who are facing or who have faced a variety of issues and concerns. She enjoys working with each client to establish a personal therapeutic relationship that they find helpful for them.

She believes that the needs of her clients are distinct, and what one person may experience as helpful may not be helpful to another. She strives to encourage a therapeutic relationship that is client-directed and person-centered.
Amanda considers the experience of psychotherapy as a vehicle being driven by each unique client.
Amanda views therapy as a collaboration with her client and it is her goal to assist and support them in identifying and connecting with their true self and
living an authentic life that they feel is valuable and worthy.

Amanda specializes in working with the family and friends of those who are
struggling with mental and physical illnesses and those experiencing major life transitions.

Amanda is working toward becoming an Internationally Credentialed Sand Tray Therapist.

Amanda Rachel Jones in a North Carolina native. She moved to Raleigh in 2006. Amanda graduated with a Bachelorette of Social Work and a Bachelorette of Arts in Psychology from Meredith College in 2008. Amanda
earned her Master of Social Work degree from East Carolina University in 2009.

Amanda Rachel Jones has served the Raleigh community as a therapist since 2012. She has been the Director of Social Work and an Assistant Professor at Meredith College and continues to teach courses in practice with individuals, practice with families and groups, play therapy, and trauma and crisis intervention.

Amanda has served on state and national professional boards of directors and committees. In her free time Amanda enjoys traveling with her family, being a chaos manager and engaging in justice and equity work to improve access for her fellow community members.

Amanda Rachel Jones also offers clinical supervision to Associate Licensed Clinical Social Workers.


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